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Work Well, Work Often, Work Together

The Free Film Collective is a group of independent media makers and allies who want to change the way people create and consume moving visual art (i.e. movies). Although we have “film” in our name, we take full advantage of the wave of DSLR cameras and other tools that have equalized the playing field in terms of cost and quality.  However, with great power comes great responsibility, and we are committed to using these tools to regularly practice and deliver work.

Members of the collective dedicate themselves to making and shipping on a regular basis.
Much like a jam session for filmmakers, Shooting Days are impromptu video projects where participants take a video project from idea to production to editing to distribution in 48 hours or less. Many of the videos from these Shooting Days can be found on the site.

For filmmakers who have a project that they want to share, the Philly Philm Slam is a chance for local filmmakers to compete in a friendly and open environment. During the fall, filmmakers submit their work, and selected works are judged by a panel of community members and artists, as well as a random member of the audience. There are three rounds in the competition, and the winners of each round compete in the final round. Non-competing submissions are also welcome. More information about the next season of the Philly Philm Slam can be found here.

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